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Wordman's Hiliter

Reusing content from prior proposals and want to make sure that you've caught all instances of that client's name? Does your legal team need to make sure that certain words are not used in your proposal? You could use Word's find and highlight feature on each word in turn, but Wordman's Hiliter, an add-in for Microsoft Word 2007 and 2010 to 2016 (32- and 64-bit), allows you to check for multiple words and phrase, each with a different highlight color and search criteria, all at once!

"Having worked in the proposal management industry for nearly 30 years now, there's not too much that surprises me. Wordman's Hiliter tool for Microsoft Word is certainly a pleasant one! Great utility, flexibility, support, and value! This is one tool that needs to be in every proposal professional's tool box."
Jim Wininger, President, Winning Through Words, LLC


Wordman's Hiliter with a 30-day evaluation license. A full license is available in Wordman's Store.
Wordman's Hiliter User Guide. Wordman's Acrogen, please follow the instructions in this document.
A test document and a test keyword file to evaluate Wordman's Hiliter.



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